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First Impressions Orchestrates Dream Homes That Reflect The Dreamer
Janice E. Brewster has a theory about custom homes that makes her a bit of an anomaly in the world of home interior design. It's a simple theory that states that the interior design of one's dream home should reflect the personality of the owner and not the designer. Many designers spend their careers striving to develop a signature look or niche, but the greatest compliment Brewster has received as an Arizona Interior Designer is that her homes don't have a signature look. In short no Janice Brewster home looks like the next one, but it always looks like the person living in it. arizona design

As the owner of First Impression Interior Design, Janice Brewster has used her expertise in architectural interior design to design dozens of properties nationwide. In a career that's also included extensive education in New York, Paris, Italy, and Scotland, her promise to those wishing to use her services is something she calls "sophisticated enchantment." Exactly what that term represents changes with each individual homeowner, and that is exactly the point. One person's Tuscan design is another person's Southwestern feel; one person's custom window treatments are another person's chandeliers. Within Brewster's promise of sophisticated enchantment is the certainty that a home she has designed will always reflect the exact personality of the person that lives there.

Such versatility is no accident. As with everything else with Brewster, it is in fact by design. From the beginning, her goal was to extend the parameters within which an interior designer could make an impact. Specializing in larger homes that can range as high as 10,000 square feet and above, Brewster's projects provide her with plenty of real estate with which to achieve the desired vision. With a skill set that includes expertise in design-to-build renovation, interior architecture, custom furnishings design, space planning and finishes, flooring coffered ceilings, lighting and cabinetry design, landscaping, swimming pools, and more, she is one of the few interior designers able to impact a home literally from the ground up.

So many elements go into the creation of a memorable custom home. At the end of the day, none are more important than a designer who can bring all of the elements together to reflect the personality of those who will live there. Janice Brewster calls it sophisticated enchantment. Her clients call it home.

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