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Luxury Air Jets is a company that signifises in on-demand jet charter. I interviewed one of their main private aviation specialists about how to charter a private jet for a pleasure trip. For many people, the long lines at the commercial airports can become the cause of frustration. Flying on a chartered private jet could be an easy alternative to help alleviate most of your flying frustration.

I interviewed Franswa Ligon, Senior Director of Sales with Luxury Air Jets, about how to make flying on a private jet approachable for a group of friends earning over $95,000/year.

I also met him at their corporate headquarters in midtown Manhattan. Their office is located on the 2nd floor on 144 East 44 Streettht is near the Grand Central Station off Lexington Ave.

Tom: This is my first time flying on a private jet and I wish to take a group of my friends with me to Aruba. What is the best wayto charter a private jet?

Franswa: First call Luxury Air Jets and seek help for me. Seriously, it's significant to have a meeting with one of our Aviation Specialists about your needs and wants. With chartered flights, private jets are available on demand.

Tom: How quickly can you have us give a scheduled for a flight?

Franswa: Luxury Air Jets can generally have you up and flying within four hours.

Tom: In that case, it's not truely necessary to plan trip weeks in advance, true?

Franswa:Yes, That's right. We have access to more than 6000 private jets and can have you and your friends take off from the airport that is nearer within four hours.

Tom: I have five friends that desire to go from Manhattan to Aruba for four days. Could you give me a rough estimate on how much this could cost us?

Franswa: The distance between New York City private airport (NYC) and Aruba isalmost 2000 miles. It takes usually four and a half hour to travel on a Medsize Jet. According to mind understanding, this trip could charge about $39,000 round-trip.If you have five friends that are ready to go on this trip, that's about $7800 per head.In Additio, we can also offer full service catering, delicious wine & spirits, and everything else that your heart's wishes. Our purpose is to please all of our clients.

Tom: That.s great. What sort of private jet do you suggest?

Franswa: We wish you and your friends to be relaxable because it's a 4 ? hour flight so I would strongly recommend a Mid-size private jet Hawker 800 XP. The Hawker 800 XP can seat between 8 to 9 people easibly.

Tom: I didn't think that flying on a private jet can be so approachable. With this circumstances, I would realise that many people can afford to fly in luxury now. Do you want to ask anything else before I end this interview?

Franswa: We have one of the highest safety concerns in the industry. We only use ARG/US Platinum or Gold rated private jets. Pilots are retrained at least twise a year and the private jets their flights are arranged on a regular basis under FAR 135.The most important thing is, we only use jets that are less than five years old.

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