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History Of Christmas Lights
The early Christmas trees were lighted with candles, then glass covers with candles inside or metal lanterns with small wicks hung on the Christmas tree branches like ornaments to brighten up the Christmas tree. The early Christmas candles were a fire hazard and buckets of water were usually kept nearby the Christmas tree just incase a fire did start up [...]

First Impressions Orchestrates Dream Homes That Reflect The Dreamer
Janice E. Brewster has a theory about custom homes that makes her a bit of an anomaly in the world of home interior design. It's a simple theory that states that the interior design of one's dream home should reflect the personality of the owner and not the designer. Many designers spend their careers striving to develop a signature look or niche, but the greatest compliment Brewster has received as an Arizona Interior Designer is that her homes don't have a signature look. In short no Janice Brewster home looks like the next one, but it always looks like the person living in it [...]

Luxury Air Jets is a company that signifises in on-demand jet charter. I interviewed one of their main private aviation specialists about how to charter a private jet for a pleasure trip. For many people, the long lines at the commercial airports can become the cause of frustration. Flying on a chartered private jet could be an easy alternative to help alleviate most of your flying frustration [...]

Rochas - Fragrances and Clothing
The most decisive in the world of fashion, Marcel Rochas is a French designer who crafts and manufactures a myriad of products for the fashion market. Reports and stories have it that Rochas has been operating business acumen and a particular cultural technique that prevented him from losing his interest with haute couture. He designed a variety of fashion clothing, but he primarily values his lines of fragrances knowing that thousands of people are looking for it [...]

Visitors Digital Guide to York
Visitors to York are now able to access new digital tour guide of the city.
A recorded voice takes the listener through the history of York and its buildings.
The digital tour starts at the Castle Museum explaining the horrid history of Clifford’s Tower.
Visitors are then introduced to the Georgian-era Fairfax House and the recently discovered 300-year old Chinese shopping list that was unearthed in an 18th-century vase [...]
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